The Anake Camper Volunteer Program

Camp holds a special place in the hearts of everyone of our campers.  It has been a campers home away from home, often for many years, and has provided memories of adventures and friendships.  Camp Warwa believes that it is important that campers have the opportunity to contribute to this amazing place that they have come to love, and that is why the Anake Volunteer Program was started.

This program is for campers starting grade 10 in September.  When a camper enrolls in their final year as an Adventurer (their grade 10 summer) they are welcome to also enroll as a Anake Volunteer that same summer.  Anake Volunteers are campers who get to stay at camp for an entire week of the summer and work behind the scenes to make Camp Warwa even more amazing.

Anake Volunteers are important members of the camp community and get to make a real difference every day.  They will work directly with support staff, as well as facility and leadership staff, on a variety of tasks and projects.  Their days are full and varied, and every week is different than the next.  A given day could include helping set up Freaky Friday, mowing the grass, playing a character in a game, washing dishes, cleaning canoes, helping a camper pack, cleaning a building, even recording archery awards.  There is always something to do at camp, and our Anake Volunteers will be right in the center of the action.

Anake Volunteers will be under the general supervision of the Camp Warwa staff team and must follow all polices and procedures relevant to campers.  They will also adhere to our staff code of conduct and will be allowed to work independently as directed by the staff team.  Anake Volunteers will not be responsible for the supervisor or care of other campers, but may help Counsellors in running various games and activities.

Anake Volunteers are welcome to apply their experience towards their Senior High School Volunteer Programs, and can earn 60 volunteer hours in a single week at Camp Warwa.

Camp Warwa will take up to four Anake Volunteers each week.  Campers can sign up online when they register for their Adventurer program.  There is no cost to enroll as an Anake Volunteer.

All Anake Volunteers are encouraged to join us for our annual Leadership Weekend dates to be determined for 2018.

After signing up, we will email each Anake Volunteer a brief questionnaire to fill out.  Camp Warwa reserves the option to not accept a camper into the Anake Volunteer program if they do not feel the camper will be a good fit for the role.

If you have any questions about our Anake Volunteer program, just contact our Program Manager Wes Burns at 780-892-3648 or email

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