What’s New for Summer 2017

Summers End Camp Aug 28-30

The end of summer always comes to fast.  Join us in squeezing the most out of the last few days of the season at our Summers End Camp on Aug 28-30.  This action packed 3 day camp has all your favorite camp experiences such as campfires, epic games and choosing your own programs at Interest Groups.  This program is open to all ages and genders.  Pioneers enjoy and evening supper and campfire.  Explorers stay a night in the treehouse.  Voyageurs get to spend a night out in the Tipi (with a bonus Campsite option for girls as well!).  Our Adventurers this week will get to spend the night out on the island.

Friday Evening End Time

In 2016 all our week-long camps ended early Saturday morning.  Saturday morning pick up was 9:30am out at camp and 10:30am for the bus in Edmonton.  In 2017 all our week-long camps will end at 6:30pm Friday evening, with bus pick up in Edmonton at 7:30pm.

Campers can still expect to participate in all their favorite Friday traditions including Stones, Closing Campfire and Banquet.  The big ‘Freaky Friday’ game will be swapped out for an amazing epic game being played every evening of the week.

Feedback from our families suggested that while not many folks have a problem with a Saturday morning pick up, the Friday night option may be a better fit for most people.  Weekends are very important to families, and this shift will make it easier for families to make plans.

The other reason to make this shift is for our staff.  Ending on Friday evening will give all our amazing counsellors two full days and nights off in between camps.  This will allow them to have more energy, stay healthy, and give more to every camper in their care.

Blending Anake & Adventurers

In 2016 we ran Adventurer programs for campers going into grades 8 and 9.  We also ran Anake programs for campers going into grade 10.  In 2017 we will be blending these two programs together under the name Adventurers and open them to campers going into grades 8, 9 and 10.

Feedback from our families told us that the options for our Anake program were just too limited.  We offered 6 Anake programs last year.  This did not leave families many options for their child’s preferred camp.  This shift will give all our teenage campers more program choices, and our parents more weeks to work with.

This shift also means that all the out-trip options formerly only open to Anakes are now open to all Adventurer aged campers.

Campers starting grade 10 in September will also still be able to volunteer at camp for as week as an Anake Volunteer.  Campers who volunteer in this way earn a $250 credit towards their CIT program next year.

More Options for All Ages

We have added more programs for all ages and genders throughout all the weeks of the summer.  We’ve also added a 3 day Summers End camp at the end of August.  Families will have more options than ever for finding the perfect program on the perfect dates for their children.

Counselors In Training

In 2016 we ran two, 3 week long CIT programs, each for 8 campers.  Each program consisted of 2 weeks of training, followed by a third ‘Shadow Week’ where CIT’s got to work directly with campers.  In 2017 we will be running one CIT program for 16 campers.  The program will still be 3 weeks long, but only the first two training weeks will be consecutive.  The training weeks will occur in sessions 2 and 3 for all 16 CIT’s.  Each CIT will also sign up to do a Shadow Week prior to the end of summer camp.

We believe this shift will make it much easier for families to schedule the summers of their CIT’s.  They only need to block off two consecutive weeks compared to three, and the Shadow Week can be scheduled whenever is most convenient for the family.

We are also excited to be able to have all 16 of our CIT’s together for the full two weeks.  This will help them get to know each other and help build the CIT community.  We are also looking forward to having a few CIT’s out on their shadow weeks each session of summer, both to be a role model for other campers and to be able to provide them with more in depth mentoring.

Year Round Program Options

In addition to all these great summer updates, we’ve also added a long list of Year Round programs for your camper and family to consider, most open to all ages of campers.  These include:

School PD Break Camps - lots of single and multi day options available

Winter Camp Feb 25-26

Leadership Weekend Mar 18-19

Spring Break Camp Mar 27-31

River Canoe Weekend Sep 9-10

Hike Trip Weekend Sep 16-17

Fall Camp Sep 30 - Oct 1

Family Camp Oct 21-22

Got Questions or Need More Information?

If you've got any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact our Camp Director Gerrit at 780-892-3648 or email gerrit@campwarwa.org

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