Outdoor School Booking Procedure

Step 1 - Contact Us

Just email info@campwarwa.org, call us at 780-892-3648, or fill out the booking inquiry form.  Our Camp Director Wes Burns, will get back to your right away at help you choose a package and dates.

Step 2 - The Deposit

After you choose your package and dates, we will book you in and send you a Deposit Invoice.  Deposit amounts and due dates vay depending on the type of group you are and the time of year you are booking.

School clients pay a deposit of 50% of their estimated final cost.  The deposit is refundable if the school trip is cancelled at least 90 days prior to your arrival.  Guides, Clubs and Sports Teams pay a non-refundable deposit of $250.

For schools visiting on dates between January 1 and June 30, the deposit is due by November 1st of the previous calender year.  If November 1st has already past, your deposit will be due 20 days after booking.

For schools visiting on dates between September 1 and December 31, no deposit is required to book your visit.

For Guides, Clubs and Sports teams, your deposit is due 20 days after you book.

Step 3 - Planning

Now the fun begins!  After we book you in you will work directly with our Camp Director Wes, who coordinates and manages your visit.  Wes is year round, full time, and is always available to answer your questions and work on the details of your visit.  He will send you a Visit Worksheet to fill out and return to him.  It will tell him the general information about your group, your goals, logistics, and your prefered programs.  He will then take that information and create a schedule for your visit for you to review and approve.  He will continue to work on that schedule for you until you are completely satisfied, offering recommendations and advice along the way to make your visit as successful as possible.

Step 4 - Arrival & Final Payment

Once all the planning is done, there is nothing to do but come out and have a great time.  When you arrive you will get to meet all the staff working with your group.  One of these staff will also be your Group Host, and will work with you when you arrive to orientate you to the camp and address any needs you have while you are here.  You will receive your final invoice on your last day at camp.  You are only ever billed for exactly as many participants and chaperones as you bring.  Your final payment is due 30 days after your visit.

Rebooking for Next Year

It is important to us that all our clients have the oppurtunity to make their visit to Camp Warwa an annual tradition.  After your visit, we offer a 30 Day Renewal Window to rebook for next year.  This means that we automatically rebook you for your same dates and package, and hold that booking renewal for you for 30 days after your visit.  During this 30 Day Renewal Window all you need to do is contact the office and either confirm that yes, you would like to renew for your same dates for next year.  Or, you can let us know if you need new dates and we will work on getting those set for you.  You can rebook after the 30 Day Renewal Window, but your previous dates would be opened up to the general public at that point.

Booking In Advance

We can take bookings anytime, up to 2 years in advance.  Note that we will honor the 30 Day Renewal Window for all current clients when considering any new bookings.  New clients are welcome to contact the office at any time to inquire about dates.

Book a Group Visit

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