The Warwa Staff Experience

Why Work at Camp Warwa?
Working at Camp Warwa is a total blast! It’s the kind of job that attracts the best kind of people. All our staff are committed to making a difference in the lives of children.
Working with children in an outdoor setting is an exciting and active lifestyle that brings out the awe of discovery and realization of one’s self and others. We encourage our staff to help children set and achieve goals while at camp and to also set goals for themselves and achieve those goals throughout their time spent at camp.
Camp Warwa is dedicated to being a leader in the field of outdoor education in Alberta and Canada. We are committed to offering the highest quality learning experience possible for our clients and staff team.
Staff will learn a wide variety of skills that include: program facilitation, out-tripping facilitation, counselling strategies, and personal communication strategies.
Camp Warwa believes that diversity is essential to what it means to be Canadian.  We are proud to be a organization that welcomes campers and staff from all manner of cultural backgrounds, genders and communities.  Prospective staff members who identify as members of indigenous communities, visible minority groups, the LGBTQ2 community and/or are recently immigrated to Canada are enthusiastically welcomed to consdier joining our team.  More than anything, Camp Warwa is a place where everyone is welcome and where an individuals gifts and life experiences are celebrated.
No need to send us your cover letter and resume, you will be able to apply online through our online application system at the bottom of this page.
Location & Scope
Camp is located on Lac Ste. Anne, 80km west of Edmonton. We have two main programs: Outdoor Education and Summer Camp. Summer Camp is July & August and Outdoor Education operates the remaining 10 months of the year.
We see over 7000 participants a year between Outdoor Education and Summer Camp. We can have up to 120 participants in our accomodations in Outdoor Education and up to 112 campers a week in the summer.
Working at Warwa is an intense experience and is extremely rewarding for the children you impact and for your own personal growth.
We offer training to staff in all our program areas, Non-violent Communication, Clean Communication, Success Counselling, out-tripping facilitation (Summer Camp specific), and a variety of other strategies to becoming a successful Warwa staff member and an improved person.
Before you arrive at camp, you will be asked to read our staff manual in full so you have an understanding of all our philosophies and principles.
Living Conditions
During Outdoor Education, staff will share a room that has a bunk bed and a large set of dressers, with large closets in the main hallway. In summer camp, staff will live in the counsellor room next to their campers. Camp provides meals when groups are on site. Staff provide their own food on days when groups are not on site. 
Warwa staff have access to wireless satellite internet; local phone; staff lounge with kitchenette, couches, TV, bathroom, and a fridge/freezer; laundry facilities; and all staff are welcome to use Warwa equipment and program areas after receiving the proper training needed.
Outdoor Education
We begin our spring season at the end of April with a weeklong training. We hire 14 staff to run our Outdoor Education Programs. During this season (as well as fall), staff will begin the day with set up of activities as early as 8am and be finished no later than 9pm. The day includes three 30 minute breaks after meals. At 9pm, the chaperones for the group will oversee the group and Camp Warwa staff are on time off.
The majority of groups are elementary & high school groups during the week and scouting & guide groups on weekends. We also see university sports teams, community groups, youth groups, and some re-habilitation programs.
As a staff member you will be responsible for a group of 15 participants during the day and then the entire group during full group activities along with the other Warwa staff on the group.
Other Warwa staff responsibilities include: attending meal times, facilitating at meal times, interacting with clients during free time, site maintenance, cleaning cabins, and cleaning the washhouse facilities.
Summer Camp
Our summer camp begins with a week of training for all staff (including spring staff). Our summer camp begins on Monday mornings and campers return home after dinner on Friday. Time off begins on Friday evening and staff are expected back at camp for Monday morning before registration begins (or will be on the bus into Edmonton).
We run programs for campers aged 7-16. The campers have a mix of free choice, cabin based programs, and all campers go on an out-trip.
In summer camp, the daily schedule starts at 7:15am for most counsellors with the first activities before breakfast begin at 7:45am. Daily campfire ends at 8:15pm. After campfire, all groups have reflection time, and then begin the evening routines. Warwa staff sleep in an adjacent room from the campers and are responsible for their campers 24 hours a day.
Current Job Openings
We are now accepting applications for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2019. 
Click to open the PDF files below to read the full job descriptions.  
Once you have read the job description, Pre-Interview Guide, and the above Staff Expereince section, please click the 'Apply Now' button below. 
If you are applying for our Coordinator postion, please email your resume and cover letter to 

Job Descriptions


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