Mid-Summer Staff Survey

This survey is for our current staff team to provide feedback about their summer.  We would love your input on some key questions we're working on, as well as all the ideas you have as to how we can make camp better.

The survey will be open until about 10am on Friday August 2nd.  The sooner you can send in your survey, the better chance we'll have to work with your feedback and implement change.  We want to implement as many good ideas as possible for Session 6!

Is this your first year working at camp, or have you worked at camp before?

What was your first season at camp this year? Winter/Spring or Summer?

What area of the facility needs repair, upkeep or cleaning?

Is there an OT meal or outdoor meal that your campers complain about being hungry after?

Is there any part of your job that you do not feel prepared or trained to do at the start of summer?

What is the easiest thing that Leadership Team could do tomorrow that would make camp even better?

Has this job been a positive experience for you? If so, what do you value about it?

Are you considering working at camp again next year? If not, what is the main reason for not working at camp next year?

Is there anything that you have not shared yet in the survey that you think would be great to implement this summer? How can we make the camp experience even better for our campers? Feel free to give as many ideas as you like.

You are welcome to either remain anonymous for this survey or to provide your name if you would like for us to know that. You can always respond to the survey anonymously, and follow up with your Village Leader in person about any points you’d like to discuss further. Please leave your name below if you’d like to.

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