In 1980, the Camp Warwa Society was founded with the generous donation of our land by the Warwa Family and the organization of representatives from the Alberta North Zone Canadian Progress Clubs.  We invite you to be part of this continued tradition and enjoy another memorable Camp Warwa experience.  

Camp Warwa is a registered charitable organization (BN: 124220849 RR0001) and is an accredited member of the Alberta Camping Association.

Located 80km west of Edmonton, Camp Warwa is set on 23 acres of aspen parkland.  Poplar trees are the most abundant trees, with occassional birch and spruce trees.  Wild rose, dogwood and tiger lillies are also abundant at various times of the year, and strawberry, saskatoon, hazelnut, and high bush cranberry are also plentiful on our property.  Weaving through our main forested area is 2km of wooded trails providing an ideal setting for earth education, night hikes, walks in the summer and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.  

Camp Warwa is located on the south shore of Lac Ste Anne.  Lac Ste Anne supports a wide variety of aquatic birds, birds of prey and waterfowl, including geese, herons, eagles, ospreys, ducks, grebes, and loons.  A near by beaver lodge provdes a great opportunity to see these industrious animals at work.  

Camp Warwa takes great pride in exhibiting and maintaining our natural areas.  All together our site makes us say: "Camp Warwa: Close to Home, but A World Away."

“It's Great To Be a Canadian/Soyons Fiers d’être Canadien” is the motto of the Canadian Progress Club, an all-Canadian service club having no international affiliations. Membership and its privileges are open equally to men and women. 

Progress members seek the advancement of the communities in which their individual clubs are located. Progress is entirely Canadian in concept and development. Each local club conducts its own affairs and its own charitable projects. 

There is no classification system within the Club. Progressians are men and women from all walks of life who enjoy hands-on involvement in charitable activities. In particular, members are proud of their contributions in the area of under-privileged children, and of helping to foster the cause of the physically, mentally and socially handicapped people of Canada through service to the community. In doing so they meet new friends and have fun! 

In addition to their commitments to local communities, on a national level, Canadian Progress Clubs proudly support Canadian Special Olympics through the Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation. 

Camp Warwa has operated as a Community service project of the Canadian Progress Clubs of the Alberta North Zone. These clubs are CPC Edmonton Downtown, CPC Edmonton Sherwood Park, CPC Edmonton St. Albert, CPC SILKS, and CPC Edmonton South.

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