Accreditation Means Quality

Camp Warwa has been an accredited member of the Alberta Camping Association (ACA) for many years.  The ACA represents organized camps in Alberta that voluntarily meet standards of best practice and safety.

Camps that become members must meet hundreds of accreditation standards and support the association with a yearly membership fee.  When Camp was first founded, these standards provided us with a guide to develop our programs and they still guide us today.

Member camps apply for accreditation annually, with formal reviews occurring every three years.  During the accreditation review a camp is visited by an Accreditation Coordinator who reviews every aspect of camp operation and policy. This review includes but is not limited to Administration, Human Resources, Facility, Health and Safety, Vehicles, Equipment, Staff-Client Ratios, Insurance and Record Keeping.  They also review each program we offer, making sure they are facilitated properly and that we are meeting all the appropriate regulations.

Accreditation gives our camp the formal staff of approval that our clients look for and appreciate.

For more information on the Alberta Camping Association, you can check our their website at

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