Alumni Reunion - September 22, 2019!

Camp Alumni carry the sprit of camp with them their whole lives.  No matter how far away they are, or how long they've been away, Camp Warwa campers, staff, families and volunteers are always part of the community.  This fall, and every fall, Camp Warwa alumni journey back to camp for a fun weekend of reconnecting and remembering.  This will be a chance to reconnect with the camp we all love, as well as with your camp friends from years gone by.  It's the best!
All former Camp Warwa campers, staff, volunteers, significant others and family members are invited!  This of course includes all staff who have worked with us in 2019, as well as any and all campers who have graduated from our camper programs this year (or any year!).
Attendees are welcome to arrive as soon as 12 noon.  The BBQ will be on and there will be a range of activities to try, both old and new, as well as fun options for all ages.  For just a start, alumni and their families can earn archery and climbing ribbons (remember those?), go for a paddle, try the orienteering course, and participate in what will likely be the greatest game of Stones of all time.
The formal part of the day will likely be wrapping up around 4pm, although we will look to add optional evening activities if there is interest.
There is no registration fee for this event, but all attending alumni are encouraged to make a donation to the Friendship Fund camper sponsorship program, and help a family in need send their children to camp.
Families are welcome to bring their dogs along as well, providing they stay on a leash while on site.
Looks like there is also lots of interest in a post-reunion get together as well!  We have booked of a big space at the Brewhouse in Spruce Grove.  Everyone is welcome to drop by for supper and bevies for 5:30pm.
More information on the reunion will be posted as it develops.  You can check back here, or go to the Camp Warwa facebook page to get the latest.
To register for the Alumni Reunion, just fill in the form below.  See you there!

Alumni Reunion Registration

To register yourself and your family to attend the 2019 Alumni Reunion, please enter your information below.  While there is no registration fee for this event, we are asking our alumni who attend to please make a donation to the Friendship Fund camper sponsorship program and help a family in need send their children to camp.
Donations can be made with a credit card by calling the office at 780-892-3648, or if you use paypal, just click on Donate.
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