Rites of Passage at Camp Warwa

Camp Warwa is honored to offer rites of passage to our staff and alumni.  This is a path that features solitary period of fasting in nature, over different lengths of hours and days.  The emphasis of these experiences is on learning who you are, through the context of the natural world.  At Camp Warwa we believe in personal growth, community service and connection to the natural world.  Rites of passage have been a part of the Camp Warwa community for many years and we are thankful to our elders who have passed on these teachings and that we can pass these teachings onto others.

The 24 Hour Solo

Going on solitary experiences in nature is an important part of Camp Warwa culture.  Many of our staff go out on 24 hour solos during their time at camp to learn about themselves and how they can better serve the camp community.

The dates for the 2019 24 hour solo will be announced soon.  Interested Participants and Supporters must contact Gerrit at gerrit@campwarwa.org to get involved.

Participants will be guided to prepare to spend 24 hours in solitary contemplation and awareness.  No previous experience is needed to be a Participant.  All current Camp Warwa staff as well as alumni are invited to consider participating in this event.

Supporters are any interested individuals who wish to support the participants and those guiding the experience.  This would involve helping with logistics such as firewood, meal preperation and other tasks.  No previous experience is needed to be a Supporter, although anyone who has completed a 24 hour solo is strongly welcomed to help out.

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