The Vision Quest

The Vision Quest is a rite of passage that features a four day solitary period of fasting in nature.  The emphasis of this experience is on learning who you are, through the context of the natural world.  At Camp Warwa we believe in personal growth, community service and rites of passage.  Rites of passage have been a part of the Camp Warwa community for many years and we are thankful to our elders who have passed on these teachings and that we can pass these teachings onto others.

Going on solitary experiences in nature is an important part of Camp Warwa culture.  Many of our staff go out on 24 hour solos during their time at camp to learn about themselves and how they can better serve the camp community.  Because of these experiences that our staff have we feel it is important to offer them the opportunity to participate in a full Vision Quest should they have the desire to do so.

Each year, Camp Warwa holds the space for a Vision Quest for our staff and staff alumni.  All participants must be eighteen years old and must go through a preparation process prior to going out on the four day quest experience.  The preparation process, as well as the quest experience, is facilitated by our experienced Vision Quest Guides.

The preparation process begins on May 9 2018 and the quest experience runs from Aug 26 - Aug 31 2018.  Anyone who is interested in participating in the 2018 Vision Quest must contact our Executive Director, Gerrit Leewes, prior to May 4 2018.  You will then be orientated to the experience and given next steps.  You can contact Gerrit at 780-892-3648 or email

If you find yourself interested in the Vision Quest and are wondering if it is the right step for you, the answer is "yes".  Take the step to contact Gerrit and begin the process.  Rites of passage like the Vision Quest are the birthright of all people.  If you are a Camp Warwa staff  or staff alumni and are drawn to this path, take the step.

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