Friendship Fund Subsidy Program

At Camp Warwa we believe that every child should be able to enjoy a summer camp experience. The Friendship Fund was created to provide financial assistance to families who can’t afford the full cost of giving their child a camp experience. 

The Friendship Fund is sustained by generous donations from individuals, government agencies, businesses and community organizations. Many of our donors are staff members, board members, community service groups, and friends who understand the value of camping. Each camper that receives a Friendship Fund subsidy, is confidentially matched with a donor.
Each donor that supports the program receives a copy of the camp letter for the week so that they can hear about the experiences they helped create, as well as a charitable tax reciept.

The Friendship Fun is an endorser based program. Families who apply must provide an endorser of a professional nature who can speak to your need for financial support. The program is best suited for families who can provide an endorser who is a social worker, support worker, medical professional or educatior. What is important is that the endorser is not of a personal nature (such as a family member or friend. The Endorser will then be contacted by Camp Warwa. Ensure that you have the Endorser's permission before naming them.
The Friendship Fund subsidy program is open to the general public and can pay up to 80% of your summer registration fees.
Camp Warwa has a special relationship with the Uncles & Aunts at Large program in Edmonton. Friendship Fund applicants that are working with Uncles & Aunts at Large and list them as their Endorser can apply for 100% subsidy.
Families can apply for the Friendship Fund Program during the online registration process.  Just call the office if you have any questions at 780-892-3648 or email

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