Camp Warwa Leadership Programs

At Camp Warwa we believe in the power of leadership and community to make a difference in the life of a child.  For this reason, we are excited to offer our campers several exciting leadership oppurtunites at Camp Warwa this year.

Leadership Weekend

Anake Camper Volunteer Program

Junior Counselor

See below for more information on these oppurtunities.  You can register for all of them through our online registration system, the same way you register for all our camp programs.


Leadership Weekend

Leadership Weekend is March 16-17 2019.

Every March Camp Warwa hosts our annual Leadership Weekend.  This program is open to all campers currently enrolled in our Adventurer (grade 7-9) programs this upcoming summer.  All Adventure campers are welcome, whether this is their first or tenth summer at Camp Warwa.

We believe that the personal attributes of confidence, initiative and service are traits that we all have inside us.  The key to bringing them out is to see those traits role modelled for us by our mentors.  Campers who attend this weekend will receive leadership training and stories from Camp Warwa staff and alumni.  They will also get to know the other campers in our community who are passionate about leadership and are considering becoming a staff member one day.

Registration for this weekend is $40.  Accomodations and meals are all included.  Round trip bussing is available for $20.

Note that campers must already be enrolled in an Adventurer program for this upcoming summer, or have attended Camp Warwa in the past and currently be in grades 7-9, to attend the Leadership Weekend.

Busing to and from Edmonton is available from Coronation Park.  Drop off at Coronation Park is between 8:30am - 9:00am.  Pick up at Coronation Park is at 2:30pm.

Campers can also be dropped off and picked up right form camp.  Drop off at camp is between 9:00am - 10:00am.  Pick up at camp is at 1:30pm.


Anake Volunteer Program

The Anake Volunteer Program is open to all campers who are currently enrolled in Grade 9.  When a camper enrolls in their final year as an Adventurer they are welcome to also enroll as a Anake Camper Volunteer that same summer.  "Anake" is the Akamba word for "Warrior" and it refers to someone who puts the needs of others at the same level as their own.  This is what we expect of our counselling staff team and the Anake Camper Volunteer Program provides campers with a glimpse into that role in the camp community.

Anake Volunteers are campers who get to stay at camp for an entire week of the summer and work behind the scenes to make Camp Warwa even more amazing.   There is always something to do at camp, and our Anake Volunteers will be right in the center of the action.  Anake volunteers will also get to spend time learning leadership skills direclty from our counselors, and get to help out with a group of younger campers.  Anakes help with dishes, cleaning, setting up games, and in all manner of tasks that help the community.  This is a great oppurtunity for campers to learn what it is like to be a counselor and to gain experience that can help them apply to be a Junior Counselor next year.

There is no charge for Anake Volunteer program, although campers must currently be in grade 9 and also be enrolled in one of our Adventurer programs to sign up as a volunteer.  Campers who have attended Camp Warwa in the past, and are currently in grade 9 can also sign up.

We like to really encourage any campers who are interested in going to to apply as Junior Counselors to sign up for the Anake Camper Volunteer Program.


Junior Counselor

Applications for the Junior Counelor program will be opening soon!

We want to remind all our campers that their life at camp does not need to end after their last summer as an Adventurer after grade 9.  Youth in grades 10 and 11 are encouraged to apply to join our staff team as a Junior Counselor!  Junior Counselors attend our summer staff training program and can also join in several other training experiences prior to summer starting.  They sign up for between 3-9 weeks of working with children over the summer.  Junior Counselors are also able to attend all weekend summer staff events.

Youth who are currently in grade 12 can apply for a full Counselor position.

To apply to be a Junior Counselor, go 'The Staff Team' section of the website.

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