Summer Camp Survey

This survey is for families who have participated in our summer camp programs this year.  We are always looking for ways to improve on the experiences we provide and would love to hear your ideas.  Your feedback will allow us to have a greater impact on the children we serve and help us grow as an organization.  The survey will only take about 5 minutes.

Is this your families first year at Camp Warwa, or are you a returning family?

Why do you send your children to Camp Warwa?

How can we improve our website and our online registration process?

Camp Warwa offers 5 different camps for our Adventurer aged campers (these are campers who have graduated grades 7, 8 and 9). Please select the camps that your camper would likely be most interested in. You can select as many camps as you like.

Camp Warwa is building a new Dining Hall in 2020. Hurray! How much do you think your family would consider donating to support this project?

Camp Warwa is considering adding programs that feature playing Dungeons & Dragons. Dungeons & Dragons is a popular, table-top role-playing game set in a fantasy genre. Campers use their imagination to take on the role of heroes in a cooperative, story based game. Many of our campers seem to already be enjoying this game, or are interested in it, so we are looking to see if there is enough interest to offer a few camps around it. These camps would also include many of our traditional outdoor camp activities.

Camp Warwa is considering moving registration from January 1 to December 1. Families would still be able to pay a deposit of 20% of their camp fee when they register, with the balance due March 1. What would this mean for your family?

Last question! Do you have any ideas or feedback on how we can make the Camp Warwa experience even better for you and your children?

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