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All of our campers attend programs based on their grade level.  These age-appropriate camps contain different programs, challenges and highlights.  Campers can expect to be able to return to Camp Warwa for years and always look forward to new opportunities and adventures.  Below are full descriptions of all our camp programs.
If you have not yet, check out our General Program Information and the specific camps below.
If you need to check the weeks programs are offered and availability, check out our Dates & Availability Page.
Covid Vaccinations

Camp Warwa requires all campers and staff in our 2022 summer camp programs to be vaccinated against Covid-19 unless they have a medical exemption.
If your camper has recently got their first vaccine dose and is scheduled to attend camp before getting their second dose, that will be considered a valid medical reason not to be fully vaccinated, and the camper will be able to attend camp.
We want all families to upload copies of your camper's proof of vaccination status to your Family Account.  Log onto your account, click 'View Details' to see your completed registrations, and upload the file for each camper you have.
If you need a copy of your campers vaccination record, you can get it at Alberta Covid Records.

Day Camp

Campers Graduating Grades K-5


​​​​​Our Day Camps are a great introduction to our programs and feature a wide range of activities.  Its summer camp, but you get to sleep in your own bed each night!  The Day Camp Program is Co-Ed and is open to a different range of grade levels each week.  Check out our Dates & Availability page for the weekly options.  Activities include archery, crafts, climbing wall, slingshot, nature programs and many other camp favorites.  Day Campers bring their own bagged lunch, and we provide an afternoon snack.  Note our General Information page for daily pick up and drop off times.  There is no bussing available for the Day Camp program.



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Campers Graduating Grades K-2


​​​​​For many Pioneers, Camp Warwa is their first experience away from home. This overnight camp program is an ideal way to introduce campers to summer camp life. Staff are carefully selected for their ability to provide action-packed programs and their ability to care for the physical and emotional needs of young children. The program includes a wide range of activities such as archery, crafts, climbing wall, slingshot and nature programs. Each night there is a fun campfire program, exciting all-camp activities each afternoon, and numerous games packed with wonder and fun.  Pioneers stay in our full-service dormitory building.



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Campers Graduating Grades 3-4


Experiencing adventure and providing a sense of accomplishment is the essence of the Explorers program. This overnight camp program includes a combination of camp-wide activities and a wide range of camp programs such as archery, low ropes, crafts, orienteering, slingshot, climbing, fire and shelter building, and more. Explorers all get to challenge our exciting Vertical Playground.

The accommodation for our standard Explorer program is a room in our full-service dormitory building.

​​We also offer many Explorer Treehouse camp options each week. In Explorer Treehouse, campers get to stay overnight in our awesome treehouse in the Warwa forest (complete with bunk beds!). It is an ideal first overnight camping experience for young children. Accommodations for our Explorer Treehouse campers are in our lodges with power, heat and access to full bathroom facilities.

$435 - $440


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Campers Graduating Grades 5-6

The Voyager overnight camp program features many opportunities for adventure while promoting responsibility and teamwork. Campers get to participate in many exciting programs, including archery, low ropes, rock climbing, orienteering, slingshot, vertical playground, voyageur canoeing, nature & survival skills, and our brand new giant swing! The program focuses on developing new skills while giving the campers their favourite traditional at-camp experiences.  Regardless of their specific type of accommodation, all Voyager groups have access to full bathroom facilities in our washhouse.

Each Voyager program has a specialty option to choose from:

Voyager Island

All campers will receive additional canoe training. Enjoy a Voyager canoe (big canoe) day trip around our island. Have supper over the campfire on the island and spend a night camping in tents on our waterfront campsite. Check out the beautiful sunsets and enjoy a connection to nature.  Voyager Island campers stay in our lodges.



Voyager Hike

​​​​​Campers will experience a day trip hiking in William Switzer Provincial Park. They will try up to 3 trail loops, including Kelleys Bathtub and Friendly Vistas trail. Great for beginner hikers. At the end of a great day, there is a  big cookout on the shore of Kelleys Bathtub.  Voyager Hike campers stay in our lodges during the week, and have a night camping in tents on our waterfront campsite.



Voyager Earth Skills

Campers will acquire skills in fire building, shelter building, and safe knife use. Learn how to make simple tools (spoons or bowls) and campsite setup. Learning bushcraft and how to live in harmony with nature will be skills you will use your whole life. Voyager Earth Skills campers spend the week tent camping in the Warwa Forest Earth Skills camp.



Voyager Horse

​​​​​​Features a day trip to our local horse outfitters with full stables and riding arena. Trained professional equine instructors will teach our campers the basics of riding, being comfortable and safe around horses. Campers in this program get to stay in our rustic forest cabin.



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Campers Graduating Grades 7-9

The Adventurer programs focus on leadership development, and campers can take on exciting challenges as well as engage the natural world. Campers will participate in a well-rounded program, including a climbing wall, archery, zipline, high ropes course, and our brand new team giant swing! The Adventurer program focuses on developing confidence, teamwork and leadership skills.  Campers in this program stay in canvas wall tents at our forest campsite for the week.  All groups have access to full bathroom facilities in our washhouse.

*Note that each Adventurer program has options for Co-Ed or single-gender programs.  Co-Ed programs provide separate accommodation for each gender and are balanced with up to four male and female campers each week. Single-gender programs have up to eight campers of the same gender each week. Note the different options each week in our program calendar.


Each Adventurer program has a specialty option to choose from:


Adventurer Dungeons and Dragons

​​​​The Adventurer programs focus on leadership development and allow campers to take on exciting challenges and engage the natural world. In addition to participating in many favourite camp activities, this program features the experience of playing the popular game Dungeons & Dragons! D&D is a cooperative, strategy-based role-playing game set in a fantasy world. For a part of each day, campers will take on the role of a group of heroes made up of warriors, wizards, rogues, elves and all other manners of fantasy characters. This program is ideal for both new and experienced D&D players. Campers can expect equal time adventuring in D&D and playing outdoors doing camp activities such as our high ropes course.



Adventurer Hike

​​​​​Go hiking in the mountains at William Switzer Provincial Park and experience all the wonders of the natural world.  Challenge yourself and meet new friends.  You pick what level of hiking you would like to do as different weeks are for beginners or for intermediate hikers who may want to test themselves.

(Beginner hiking runs weeks 1, 2, 3, 6 & 8. Intermediate hiking runs weeks 4, 5, & 7).



Adventurer Canoe

Do you love water and spending time developing new skills?  Spend a week on the water in a canoe.  You will get to upgrade your skills in a tandem (small) canoeing on our lake like most other Adventurer groups, then they go to Jarvis lake with a voyageur (12-person) canoe.



Adventurer Horse

This camp features a day trip to our local horse outfitters with full stables and a riding arena. Trained professional equine instructors will teach our campers the basics of riding, being comfortable and safe around horses.



Adventurer Earth Skills

​​Campers will acquire skills in fire building, shelter building, and safe knife use. Learning bushcraft and how to live in harmony with nature will be skills you will use your whole life. Adventurer Earth Skills campers will get to test their new skills on a variety of carving projects as well as enjoy cooking tasty bannock.



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Way-Finders Summer Leadership Week

Campers Graduating from Grade 9

The Way-Finders Summer Leadership Week is open to all campers currently enrolled in Grade 9.  When a camper enrolls in their final year as an Adventurer, they are welcome to enroll in Way-Finders that same summer.  This program is the last week of the summer, August 22-26 2022.

Note that this program is replacing the 'Anake Leadership Program' that was offered in previous years.

When campers reach their graduation year in their last summer as an Adventurer, many want to continue on to become a Junior Counsellor next year.  The Way-Finders Leadership Week is a immersive mentoring program that will help campers prepare to take that step from being a camper, to being a staff member.

This program will introduce participants to the core values of being a member of the Camp Warwa staff team, as well as the foundational leadership principles we employ.  They will get to be mentored by a experienced counsellor, as well as shadow and support a group of campers.  They will get to help lead camp activities such as wide games and campfires, as well as see the behind the scenes operations of camp.  Leadership Week campers will get time around the campfire hearing stories from staff and alumni, as well as participate in rites of passage such as the Blind Fold Drum Stalk.

At the end of the program, Way-Finder campers will get to choose a Camp Name, and be invited to apply to be a Junior Counselor for next summer.

Participants will stay the week in a lodge and get experience living and working as a team.  A lot of this week is spent getting to know their peers and build connections with the camp leadership community.

There is no charge for the Way-Finders program, although campers must currently be in grade 9 and have previously attending Camp Warwa as a camper.  Ideally, all participants in this program will come out for their last week of being an Adventurer in Sessions 1-7, then attend this program as well in Session 8.


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