The Building Memories Fund

Founded in 1980, Camp Warwa serves over 8,000 children each year. Campers come from communities across Alberta, all brought together through the sharing of adventure and experience in the outdoors.

Camp Warwa gives all of our campers the opportunity to Build Memories that last forever. We are not able to do this without the help of the community around us. Your support ensures that we are able to continue making a difference in the lives of the children who come visit us and will ensure that we will be here for years to come. 


Here's how you can help:

-$20 Helps us buy new sports equipment for wide games

-$50 Helps us buy new climbing helmets

-$100 Helps us buy new climbing rope

-$150 Helps us buy full body climbing harnesses

-$250 Helps us buy gear for out-tripping

-$500 Helps sponsor a camper for a week at Camp through the Friendship Fund     (Click here for more information)

-$1,000 Helps us buy new program equipment

-$5,000 Helps us with facility and maintenance work

-$10,000 Helps improve an area of Camp


Everything helps no matter how big the donation is, we are grateful for your support. 


Special Fundraising Project for 2022:

Our current Challenge Course has been a staple of Camp life for the last 25 years and it has brought many great memories to our Campers. It has served us well but it is now coming to the end of it's usable life. We are planning on building a new Challenge Course in late 2021 to be ready for the 2022 season. We are asking for your help fundraising for this project. 

This new Challenge Course will feature a Two-Tier Static Course along with a Double Zipline. This will allow us to provide this experience to so many more campers and help them step out of their comfort zone within the safety of the camp environment. 

Here's how you can help: 

$25 Helps us buy new Carabiners

$50 Helps us buy new Climbing Helmets

$100 Helps us buy new Climbing Rope

$150 Helps us buy Full Body Harnesses

$200 Helps us buy Lanyards

Any donation whether it is big or small is really appreciated and will help us to provide this experience for so many campers.



Future Fundraising Projects :

Each year we look to improve Camp Warwa in the best ways that we can. In the coming years we will be looking to improve our forest accomindation with our canvas tents. We are hoping to do building and interior improvements to our Treehouse accomindation in the coming months to ensure that this program is the best it can be.  Any help that you might be able to give towards our fundraising projects if greatly appreciated. 

Click Here to Donate


You can also support and help raise awareness of Camp Warwa on Social Media with #BuildingMemories.

We are using #BuildingMemories to show the memories that are made at camp and how they impact peoples lives.

Post a photo or video sharing the memories you have made at Camp and tag us @campwarwa.




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