Warwa Woods Experience

Date: October 27th and 28th

Time: 7 PM -11 PM

Please book your time slot below; limited on-site ticket availability.

As the moon casts an eerie glow over Warwa’s Woods, a chilling tale is whispered among the campfire’s flickering flames. It is said that long ago, a group of restless spirits roamed these very woods, their souls forever bound to the land…

The winding loops and paths through the woods lead unsuspecting wanderers into the realm of the lost souls. With each step, the trees close in, their gnarled branches forming grotesque silhouettes that dance in the moonlight.

Now, as Halloween approaches, the bravest souls will be guided through this haunted woods, where the spirits of Rosie’s Roost, Robin’s Treehouse, and the lost souls of the woods come to life to terrify and torment those who dare to venture into their domain. Will you have the courage to join us on this spine-tingling journey through Camp Warwa’s Woods?

The Warwa Woods experience is for ages 16+ and is now OPEN for booking your time slot. Limited spots are available for the evening of October 27th and 28th. A valid ID for age 18+ per/group must be presented on site for entrance into the woods.

You are welcome to join us around the campfire before or after your walkthrough. Food concessions, hot chocolate, and S’more packages will be available for an additional cost.    


Will you enjoy a day full of fun or an evening filled with frights! Explore our Halloween experiences today!