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Outdoor Education Full Program List

The Camp Warwa Outdoor Education Centre offers all the programs below.  You can select any combination of programs when you schedule your visit.  Most programs are done as rotation blocks of about 75 minutes each, in groups of about 10-15 participants.  Some programs are also well suited to be done with your entire group.  When you book with us, we will take your program choices and use them to create a full schedule for your visit that meets your needs and goals.

As an accredited member of the Alberta Camping Association, all of our programs follow the highest industry standards for safety and facilitation.  We are a waiver-exempt facility and do not require our participant to sign any waivers or releases to participate in our programs.  We also follow all safety guidelines and procedures as required by:

  • Alberta Education – Guidelines for Physical Activities
  • Girl Guides Canada
  • Scouts Canada

Rotation Programs

A staple in many camp’s programming, Archery is as much fun today as it was years ago. At Camp Warwa, the Archery program is one of the most popular. Participants will learn proper aiming and shooting technique and safety procedures. Activities and games are added to enhance the activity and put our archers to the test!

Canoeing (tandem)
Participants first learn the basic canoeing strokes on land before taking to the water in groups of 2 or 3 per canoe. On water, our instructors go through detection and correction of stroke technique and use games and activities to reinforce these skills. The Tandem Canoeing program strives to teach patience, teamwork, skill, and appreciation for canoeing within the framework of an enjoyable activity.

Climbing Wall
One of the most popular activities at Camp Warwa, the Climbing Wall offers participants a mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging task, in a safe and supportive environment. At the outdoor wall, participants learn about trust, support, and encouragement first-hand by operating the belay system. The outdoor wall has 3 belay systems, overhangs, inclines and other features and is 32 feet high.

Cross Country Skiing
Designed as an introductory activity to X-Country Skiing, participants will learn how to properly select the right equipment, about wax choice, and the basic skiing techniques. Our large field provides a perfect learning space for beginners, and our wooded track-set trails provide a greater challenge for more experienced skiers. Longer half-day or full-day trips can be arranged to provide an opportunity to explore one of the many frozen natural areas around camp. This program is open January to April.

Fire & Shelter Building
This program provides participants with the theoretical knowledge of fire building – why, when, where – the practical knowledge of how to build a fire as well as knowledge of essential safety and survival techniques.  Each camper also gets to build their own fire!  They will also  learn how to make a practical and effective tarp shelter. Campers will also get to experience a scenario where they will have to put their shelter building skills to the test.

Forest Exploration
Made up of a variety of smaller games and lessons, participants learn about the natural world in ways that are fun and memorable. Exciting games will get them directly interacting with the natural world while our instructors weave in interesting facts and knowledge. It is a great way to get kids connecting with nature and enjoying their time outside.

Giant Swing (new for 2022!)
The Giant Swing is a new team challenge for 2022.  Participants are clipped into the Giant Swing safety system in groups of 2 or 3 by our trained staff.  Our staff then direct the rest of the group to use a pulley to raise the swing team up as high as 30 feet in the air.  Once the swing team are as high as they are comfortable, they pull the release cord and swing on a giant pendulum high out and into the air, back and forth many times before eventually coming to rest.  This exhilarating experience is a memory participants never forget that builds confidence and trust.  The Giant Swing is open to participants in Grade 5 or older.

Group Challenge Course
Made up of many small activities or challenges, the Group Challenge program provides an excellent opportunity for participants to have fun while learning valuable life lessons. Each activity has an obvious goal, but the group is given certain constraints of challenges, forcing them to think collectively, to communicate and to experiment with different ideas. After each activity, Camp Warwa staff debrief the experience focusing on elements of communication, teamwork, trust and personal experience. Through the activities, as they dare to try, they begin to experience physical and mental success and recognize that the seemingly difficult is often quite possible.

High Ropes Course
The High Ropes Course is our extensive aerial playground, suspended 10 meters from the ground. This program requires at least 2 ½ – 3 hours to complete, of which the first hour is spent learning the ropes, so to speak, and the safety procedures for the Course. The rest of the time, the group spends playing on the ropes and discovering what they are capable of doing – It would surprise even the most confident of people! Although participants travel individually around the course, the other groups members provide an important network of support, encouragement and trust. And after all the hard work of traveling around the ropes, participants come back to earth via our exciting zipline. After the program, the group members are encouraged to share their experiences with the group and help discover their true potential. The High Ropes Course is only available to groups in Grade 7 or older.

Ice Fishing
Participants in this program are taught everything they need to know to have a shot at catching a real live fish.  It begins with choosing their bait, setting up their rod, and eventually out onto the ice to their fishing holes.  The lucky (and patient) ones will have a fish story to brag about for years to come.  All fish caught in the program are released by the staff members.  This program is open January to April.

Low Ropes Course
This modified obstacle course allows participants to focus on individual achievement while the group provides “spotting” and verbal encouragement. Groups move through the different elements as a team emphasizing trust and support as they go. The challenges of Low Ropes offer a lot of variety, as well as memorable and exciting moments for participants.

Orienteering puts participants in teams of 2 or more to actively navigate through our professionally designed orienteering course. Participants first learn about the sport of Orienteering, about the use of landmarks in navigation, and reading a map. The course itself reinforces the principles of navigation and relating the real surroundings to the symbolic details of a map.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
In this program, participants use photos to locate different areas of camp and answer trivia questions about camp. Campers will gather clues that they need to unscramble at the end of the activity. It is a fun way to explore the natural environment here at Warwa.

Quinzhee Building
In this program, participants will participate in the traditional art of quinzhee building – or building a snow shelter.  This shelter is made by piling snow, letting it sinter or settle, and then hollowing it out.  Our field and frozen lake provide ideal settings to learn how this shelter actually “cements” and can keep you warm, and provides a fun outdoor activity for the whole group.  This program is open January to April.

Sling Shot Range
One of our most popular traditional camp activities.  Participants will learn proper aiming and shooting technique and safety procedures. Our range is both fun, engaging and safe.  Activities and games are added to enhance the activity and test the accuracy of our shooters.

Team All Aboard
The Team All Aboard takes a popular Group Challenge element and thrusts it 20 feet in the air. Four participants support and assist each other to climb the 20`pole and make it on to the 2×2 platform at the top. Meanwhile the rest of the group provides ground support by belaying the climbers. This is a fantastic team building and personal challenge program.  Team All Aboard can be done as a small group program rotation, or with the entire group at once.

Vertical Playground
The Vertical Playground is a tweak on a climbing wall program, using mixed media (tires, rope ladders, 4x4s) instead of traditional climbing holds. The entire playground will sway under use making this climb a little more challenging. This is a great program to spice up your visit and add some personal challenge.

Voyageur Canoeing
It takes teamwork to move our 29-foot voyageur canoe, which can seat up to 14 people. Activity groups go on the water as one group after their on-land briefing session and learn that it takes rhythm and teamwork to move such a boat. Games and activities make this program a great team builder and environmental educator.

A very popular choice! Participants will learn about the safety procedures of the course, the importance of support and encouragement, and about defining success and failure for themselves. Participants will be clipped into the zipline system by one of our trained staff. Participants make the leap from the zipline tower themselves and enjoy the ride! Participants must be in Grade 6 or older to participate in the zipline.

All-Group Programs

Action Auction
This game is focused on team building and can be done with the entire group at once. Small groups bid on interesting items that will eventually be used to build an egg protection device! Each team builds a device that is tested at the end of the session to see if the egg will survive a drop.

Smugglers & Spies
In this game campers try to sneak items through the forest, past patrolling staff members, to be delivered to other campers hiding at a secret location.  Multiple teams race against each other at a time, all trying to smuggle through as many points as possible, and all trying to avoid being caught!

Stones is a large group game played by your entire group.  It is played on our main field with the entire group. Stones contains physical activity, yet remains inclusive to all regardless of physical ability, and requires strategizing and teamwork for success. Loosely based on Capture the Flag, two teams strive to gain all of the “stones” on their side. Stones can fit into any schedule with no set time needed to play the game.

Survival Game
Also known as Predator & Prey, Survival is a very popular game for all your participants to play at the same time. For campers, it combines specific goals, challenging friends, cooperating with teammates, physical activity and fun. For outdoor educators, it is a useful tool for educating participants in the food chain and the cycle of life, and the strategies behind certain animal body types and behaviours, while having fun the whole time. Participants assume the roles of carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores and search for elusive food and water stations while being on the lookout for predators and hunters! Survival is another activity that is inclusive to all, regardless of physical ability.