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Camp Warwa is a non-profit charity dedicated to improving the lives of children.  The camp is overseen by a volunteer board of directors elected from our membership.  Membership with the Camp Warwa Society is open to the general public.

The board meets virtually once a month. If you are interested in attending, just contact our Executive Director Gerrit at [email protected]

Current Board Members

Shannon Brennan, President

Shannon brings her interest in community building and an appreciation for the outdoors. Shannon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport and Tourism from the University of Alberta. Shannon is happy to share her varied community and work experience in non-profit organizations and the public sector with community volunteers, board governance and school-age programming with the board.

Lukacs Horvath, Vice President

Human Resources Consultant EPCOR, B.A. Human Resources, Chartered Professional in Human Resources.  Lukacs supports the development of our staff team members.  His consultation has been key in strategically growing our staff team as we’ve expanded our program services.

Brian Stanley, Secretary

President Creative Telecom Consulting Inc, President Glenbrie Consulting.  Brian’s understanding of board dynamics and governance principles has been essential for growing the capacity and unity of our board of directors.

Ian Hosler, Past President / Director

Project Manager Department of Urban Form and Corporate Strategic Development with the City of Edmonton, Past Camp Director of Camp Warwa, B.A. Physical Education.  Ian has lived the growth of outdoor education in our province and his multi-decade commitment to Camp Warwa has served to steer our growth and vision.

Mike McKinney, Treasurer

Executive Director/General Counsel for the Sawridge Group, Past Scout Group Commissioner, Past Director of Little Bits Therapeutic Riding Association, Past Treasurer Glenora Community League, Past National Chair Canadian Corporate Counsel Association, B.Comm, LL.b.  Mike’s experience in construction contracts, facility development and non-profit leadership provides expertise relevant to the construction of our new dining facility.

Joan Guillemette, Director

Past President of the Canadian Progress Club Northern Zone, Past President SILKS CPC Club St. Albert, Owner of Gemport Jewelers, Bookkeeper.  Joan brings a wealth of experience in both community service groups and fundraising to our board.

Sarah Smeltz, Director

Sarah, also known as “Worm” is the newest member of our board and previous Program Coordinator for Camp. Alongside her Degree in Honours Psychology, she is also a member of the Songbird Neuroethology Lab at the UofA – studying Chickadees. She is currently working on her Masters Degree! Her dedication to camp, new ideas, and natural talent for strategic planning and problem solving, provide great insight for the growth and success of Camp!

The Board has 4 working committees where volunteers can contribute to new or ongoing work with monthly mostly virtual meetings outside of the formal board meetings.  If you have expertise or interest in any of these areas we would welcome your involvement.

Executive Committee – Advises the Board on matters of Policy, Human Resources, Strategic Planning & operating the Society

Operating Committee – Advises the Board on the development and maintenance of the Camp’s programs and facilities

Sustainable Development Committee – Works to create the financial and human resources required to develop and operate the Camp

Communications and Marketing Committee – Works to tell our story to our various stakeholder groups

List of Camp Directors

1987 – 1991   Lorna Hughes

1992 – 1997   Ian Hosler

1998 – 2000   Randy Haluza-Delay

2000 – 2004   Jason Lambly

2004 – 2009   Scott Lister

2009 – Present  Gerrit Leewes

Assistant Camp Directors

Ian Hosler

Doug Hofstede

Naomi McIlwraith

Steve Gazzard

Jim Scantland

Kelly Swart

Gerald Trach

Wes Burns

Ambre Dorekson

Presidents of the Society

1980 – 1981 Ron Symic

1982 – 1984 Gerry Hill   

1984 – 1986 George Eisert

1986 – 1987 Valerie Reiss 

1987 – 1988 Louise

Zwaenepoel / Adams

1988 – 1990 Sonja Rhem

1990 – 1992 Debbie Dodds

1992 – 1994 Bruce Fogg

1994 – 1995 Wayne Larocque

1996 – 1997 George Simpson

1997 – 1999 Jim Nygren

2000 – 2003 Judi Bell

2003 – 2005 Neil Horswill

2006 – 2009 Paul Begin

2009 – 2013 Brad Kirchmayer

2013 – 2023 Ian Hosler 

2023 – Current:

Shannon Brennan

Past Board Members

Ian Hosler
Shannon Brennan
Joan Guillemette
Debbie Augustyn
Brian Stanley
Paul Begin
Lukacs Horvath
Ron Bokenfohr
Mike McKinney
Glen Graae
Tyler Ellis
Brad Kirchmayer
Ryan Germaine
Chris Turmbull
Michelle Puckett
Nick Fedchyshyn

Gerry Hill
George Simpson
Drew Hooke
Kellee Dawson
Craig Cole
Neil Horswill
Peter Eastwick
Jim Nygren
Mitch Richardson
Judi Bell
Terry Brady
Al Smith
Rod Adams
Randy Frey
Mike Lee
Rita Conroy

Bob Carwells
Louise Zwaenepoel / Adams
Mike Robson
Sonja Rhem
Sig Jorstad
Carla Hostyn
Donna Warwaruk
Eleanor Gordon
Susan Surgenor
Rita Conroy
Ralph Zutter
Ed Black
Bruce Johnstone
Ron Symic
Earl Seidler
Debra Gibson

Ron Blaike
Kathy MacDonald
Ray Pepler
Ken Wilhelm
Mitch Wujcik
Bruce Fogg
Donna Wood
Bill Broughton
Cheryl Adolph
Avril Armstrong
Janice Wood
Wayne Dicks
Bob Lowry
Frank Fedoruk
Audrey Adilman
Darlene Dreger

Rose Gryzwo
Liz Taylor
Clyde Phillips
Jim Zelazo
Gordon Craig
Ed Kilgore
Hal Roberts
Darcy Weiss
Carol Marston
Ed Willems
Ellen Scorah
Hal Roberts
Marcie Kendal
Jim Scruton
Roy Warwa
Ann Junior

Hector Therian
Lynn Belcourt
Ken McDonald
George Eisert
Jeanneke Clark
Brig McGarry
Jim Baker
Krys Tadman
Barry Brown
Marilynn Cosgrove
Gleb Gladwin
Gwen Gray
Ted Appelman